At the corner of bleecker & leroy


In 2004, we built Murray’s first cheese caves, a secret hub of innovation and discovery beneath our iconic Bleecker Street storefront. It was here that we developed new cheeses, experimented with cutting-edge techniques, and traded knowledge with visiting cheesemakers & chefs from around the world. It was in this space that we laid the groundwork for cheeses that would become award-winning. We washed, aged, and invented some of the most celebrated cheeses in the country. From the start, this space was our center of inspiration.

When we moved our innovation program into a new home, this secret underground space always represented a place where excitement, creativity & inspiration flourished. To share that atmosphere with our guests, we reimagined it into The Leroy Room, an elegant, refined gathering place for VIPs and cheese lovers alike to host their own private events and gatherings. Every aspect of The Leroy Room is exclusive and luxurious, and every event is highly-customizable—it’s a place designed for those with discerning taste, where guided tastings, cocktail parties, and fine dining are curated to your exact specifications. Those who step into The Leroy Room through its private, side-street entrance find a space filled with wonder, delight, and the most delicious food New York has to offer. Welcome to the fold.