curation to the last detail

The Leroy Room is designed to allow you to custom-tailor every aspect of your event, ensuring that your guests have an experience that exceeds their expectations.

There are four distinct categories that make up the Leroy Room experience. Customize the sequence of your evening by selecting services from these categories to reach your $2,500 food & beverage minimum for two hours per room or $4,000 minimum for the entire space.*  

Guests enter the Leroy Room through the receiving area of our iconic Bleecker Street store. They're then transported to an elegant subterranean fortress complete with a cocktail reception space and two separate rooms that are modular in design for your party experience.

*All events are subject to 20% administrative fees as well as New York State tax at 8.875%.


1. Educational Tasting

A guided tasting stimulates both the palate and the mind, encapsulating the full Murray’s experience. Our tastings take place in our former affinage room, where you’ll learn about the history of cheese and beverage by tasting through various styles of each with our certified experts. We’ve listed our most popular tastings below, and have a multitude more available to appeal to your group’s specific interests.

Discovering cheese

Modeled after our time-tested, introductory Cheese 101 class, our knowledgeable mongers take you on a gustatory tour across the various styles and families of cheese.

$60 per person


Take things to the next level by incorporating the wonderful world of wine pairing into your cheese tasting. This casual course showcases the principles of matching the right cheeses with the right vintages.

$75 per person

Hands-On Mozzarella  making

Accompanying your evening with an educational component is a perfect way to bring a memorable element into your celebration. But why stop at tasting? We invite you and your guests to get hands-on, as our cheesemongers guide you through the traditional process of making fresh mozzarella.

$85 per person

11-cheese_1473-1200x929 copy.jpg

2. Cocktail Hour

The perfect party experience begins with the first step through the door. Cocktail Hour is held in the corridors of the Leroy Room, welcoming guests with an elegant and lively atmosphere immediately upon arrival. Be it casual with passed canapes or more interactive with our customizable hors d’oeuvres stations, Cocktail Hour will prime the party for maximal enjoyment.*

*Please see our attached menu for our seasonal offerings.

Passed canapes

Welcome your guests to settle in, snack, and share a drink before the main event with any choice of three canapes from a list of twelve seasonally-rotating options.

$35 per person/hour


From towers built of your favorite cheeses to extensive bounties of fresh vegetables, we will create a spread of hors d’oeuvres curated to your tastes and replenished to suit the appetite of your guests.

$15 - $70 per person/hour

Interactive Stations

Our Executive Chef, David Elkins, will customize those first bites with our Interactive Stations. Whether it’s fresh pastas prepared in front of you with an array of sauces and accoutrements or bubbling layers of Raclette smothered over fresh baguette and cured meats, these stations up the wow-factor to a whole new level.

$35 per person/hour


+Murray’s Cheese Grazing Table

Nothing sets a better first impression than entering a room to find an elaborately abundant display of cheeses, meats and various accompaniments, curated to your taste and designed by our team of experts. Choosing this option, you’ll begin with a tailored selection of four cheeses, two meats, a selection of dried fruits, nuts, breads, crackers and various pickled accompaniments. From there, you’ll have free reign to work with our team to customize your experience with an array of fresh fruit, herbs, edible flowers, preserves and sweets.

Pricing Varies, Contact for Quote Request


3. the meal

Once your guests have experienced the gustatory delights of the previous categories, they’ll be expecting a whole lot from the main meal, and we design it to deliver. From the cadence of the meal to the creative combinations showcased in each course, we invite you to customize every last detail for the exact dining experience you desire. *

*We welcome customization to any menu item or course.

Family or buffet style lunch/dinner

One salad / Two entrees / Two sides / + dessert, add $10 per person

$65 per person

Three course plated lunch/dinner

One hot or cold appetizer / One entree / One dessert

$80 per person

five course plated lunch/dinner

One cold appetizer / One hot appetizer / One entree / One dessert / + Seasonally-rotating decadent course, add $30 - $50 per person

$100 per person


4. Beverage Packages

Be your guests wine aficionados, beer experts, or cocktail connoisseurs, our extensive beverage options will allow you to select the perfect choices for your party’s preferences. With our comprehensive tier system, you have the choice to accompany your event with any assortment of beer, wine, cocktails, and soft refreshments.*

*Please see our attached menu with explanation of our tier offerings and seasonal selections.

Wine & Beer Open Bar, Tier 1

Our house favorites, including 2 beers & 2 wines

$35 per person/3 hours

Wine & Beer Open Bar, Tier 2

Upgraded selection of 2 beers & 2 wines

$45 per person/3 hours

Wine & Beer Open Bar, Tier 3

Upgraded selection of 2 beers & 2 wines

$60 per person/3 hours

+ Additional Hour, add $20 per person for any tier

Coursed Wine Pairings, Three Course

$50 per person

Coursed Wine Pairings, Five Course

$70 per person

Coffee & Tea Service

Enjoy a selection of Stumptown coffees & unique teas.

$5 per person/1 hour